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Women and America, e-book #8

December 12, 2006

In our eighth, and final, e-book, we’ll discover Gale’s, Women in American Society. From economics to sexism in the work place, no topic is left undocumented. Learn more about this topic by clicking here.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays from the Pearl A. Wanamaker Library here on the campus of Tacoma Community College!!


pollution and e-book #7

December 12, 2006

Ever wondered how pollution and human waste go hand-in-hand? Then browse through this book, The Environment: The Revolution in Attitudes. From greenhouse gases to acid rain, this indexed text has you covered on the effects of waste on the environment.

The 6th e-book . . . sports

December 12, 2006

Sports in America: Recreation, Business, Education, and Controversy is a text on, you guessed it, sports in America. Covered from all aspects; revenue to the Olympics, if you’re looking to do research on sports, you definitely one to take a look at this e-book!

 Check it out by clicking here.

e-book #5

December 12, 2006

In our fifth e-book titled, Growing Old in America, one can learn about the different aspects of the elderly in America. Living longer, the subset community of minorities and women; it – and more – is all covered in this text, which you may access by clicking here.

4th e-book

December 12, 2006

Hello, yet again! The fourth book up for discussion is titled, Education: Meeting America’s Needs? As  you may have already guessed, this text goes into virtually all aspects of education that you can think of within the United States. Interested in Affirmative Action and how it relates to some schools’ admissions procedures? Or are you deeply interested in the past and current history of the”No Child Left Behind” initiative? Well, this text answers those questions and many others. All you have to do is click here to read further into and educate yourself about this topic.

3rd e-book

December 12, 2006

Next up is Gale’s text titled, Capital Punishment: Cruel and Unusual? 2006. As you can imagine, this text goes into the history of capital punishment, mainly in America. Interested in statistics on the death penalty or public opinion on death row inmates? Look no further.

You may access it by clicking on this link.

e-book #2

December 12, 2006

The second book up for discussion is titled, AIDS/HIV. In yet another Gale publication, one can find current and past information on this deadly disease. The information is broken down by social standing, race, and gender. Instead of savaging through magazines and newspapers, you can find virtually everything you need on the subject within this electronic resource!

You may click here to access the e-book.

e-books for your perusal!

December 12, 2006

Hello Tacoma Community College Community! 

After you’ve finished grading, studying, or taking/writing your final exams and papers, you may be interested in reading ahead for the Winter 2007 Quarter! Depending on your subject area of study, you may find the following titles interesting for holiday break reading, or titles to keep at the top of your list as you look into your studies/lesson plans for the new year.

Please note that “e-book” stands for electronic book. Electronic books are only available online. You must either log in with your Athens information (Student Identification Number for username, Student Log-in for your password) or be on the Tacoma Community College campus in order to utilize the materials.

The first title is: Abortion: An Eternal Social and Moral Issue, and it is a Gale publication, as all of the texts in today’s entry will be. In this text, students and staff will find information on the historical and current arguments for and against this controversial topic. If you are on campus, you can assess the title by clicking here.

Happy Holidays from the Pearl A. Wanamaker Library

December 12, 2006

Hello Everyone!

This notice is from your friendly librarians, library, and media staff at Tacoma Community College’s Pearl A. Wanamaker Library. This is a notice to wish you a happy holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, and a happy new year!

The library will be closed, along with the rest of the campus, at 4pm on Thursday, December 14th, 2006. Please plan accordingly!

Stay warm and dry during this crazy winter weather and Happy Holidays from the TCC Library to you!

Restoring the Pacific Northwest

December 4, 2006

Restoring the Pacific Northwest5

Important Note: You may view the following material in the TCC Library Catalog, check on availability, and place a hold (if you are a TCC student/staff/faculty member) by clicking here.

From the book jacket: The Pacific Northwest is a global ecological “hotspot” because of its relatively healthy native ecosystems, a high degree of biodiversity, and the number and scope of restoration initiatives that have been undertaken there. Restoring the Pacific Northwest gathers and presents the best examples of state-of-the-art restoration techniques and projects.

It is an encyclopedic overview that will be an invaluable reference, not just for restorationists and students working in the Pacific Northwest, but for practitioners across North America and around the world.