How people work: and how you can help them to give their best.

From the book jacket:

People want to do many things. We want to feel that the work we do is worthwhile and that we make a difference. We want to feel valued, forge meaningful relationships and encounter energizing challenges. For managers, the key to unlocking motivation and performance is somehow to match the things you want to get done with things your people want to do.

If roles are interesting, stimulating and satisfying then people are likely to want to do them; maybe not all the time, but consistently enough to be able to say “I enjoy your work.” If on the other hand managers allow jobs to become boring, stultifying and disappointing they close the door on excellence before it has the chance to develop because no-one can put their talents and energy for very long into something they really don’t want to do.

Excellent individual performance has to be facilitated. Facilitated by the right organizational setting, and facilitated by the right management to ensure that their people are allowed to give their best.

The way work is organized and the way people are encouraged to carry it out can make or break excellent performance, and certain characteristics of the work environment are consistently associated with successful outcomes. This book explores the dynamics that influence a great working environment, and sets out the management tools to nurture deeper commitment and better performance.

It will be your field-guide to understanding how people work and how you can help them to achieve more.

For holding information, click here.


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