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Emerging Diseases of Animals

April 13, 2007

Book description:

While it is widely recognized that diseases in humans are emerging at an unprecedented rate, an often overlooked phenomenon is that the same issue is present in animal populations, where new diseases are occurring at an even faster rate than in humans.

This important new volume provides an in-depth review of various emerging diseases in animals and highlights the importance of veterinary medicine in the control of emerging diseases. It discusses the need for an awareness of emerging diseases in animals in preparation for emerging diseases in humans and offers and understanding of the serious negative consequences of animal diseases on human populations, including zoonotic potential, ecological impact, and compromising of the food chain.

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The New Atlas of Planet Management

April 11, 2007

From the “about this book” section of the text:

This is no ordinary atlas. It maps and analyses a planet at a critical point in its history — as one species, our own, threatens to disrupt and exhaust its life-support systems. It charts the growing divisions in the human family. And it proposes that we have the chance to redirect our course, and become caretakers of our future.

The New Atlas of Planet Management is a first approach to this challenging task. It organizes the mass of available environmental data, statistical predictions, and often conflicting opinions and solutions into a simple, coherent structure. It is divided into seven sections: Land, Oceans, Elements, Evolution, Humankind, Civilization, and Management; each of these is considered from three perspectives; Potential resources, Crises, and Management alternatives.

This structure enables us to examine any critical area of concern and weigh up; first, what it has to offer; second, where, how, and why things are obviously going wrong; and third, how we might set about putting things right, by applying a range of alternative strategies.

More than a structure for a book, this analytical formula offers one possible approach to planet management. We hope it will spur the rising global debate on our future prospects.

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Americans at War: Society, Culture, and the Homefront

March 21, 2007

From the book jacket:

Americans at War: Society, Culture, and the Homefront will aid students, researchers, and general readers seeking to learn more about the influence of war on American society. This 4 volume set covers the effect of war on society from the beginnings of the young nation up to the present, from the early settlers and their confrontations with the Native American nations to the war in Iraq and the effects of high tech terrorism on civil liberties. Thematic articles offer in-depth analyses of politics, economics, religion, entertainment, and fashion, among other topics. Each A to Z volume covers a different era of warfare and its cultural impact: beginning with the early settlers and the Revolution, through the War of 1812, WWI&II, and on up to Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Women and America, e-book #8

December 12, 2006

In our eighth, and final, e-book, we’ll discover Gale’s, Women in American Society. From economics to sexism in the work place, no topic is left undocumented. Learn more about this topic by clicking here.

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